Execute mobile tests in parallel

Mobile Engine 3.0 enables you to run TestCases in parallel, that is at the same time on more than one device, emulator, or simulator. You can execute as many TestCases in parallel as the number of Parallel Execution Licenses you have.


Running parallel execution on mobile devices, requires the following prerequisites:

Prepare mobile devices for parallel execution

If you have already run standard Mobile Engine 3.0 TestCases on your devices, you need to reset your configuration.

To do so, remove previously installed Appium components from your mobile devices before you create a new Appium session. You may have to restart the Appium server.

Configure mobile tests for parallel execution

You can run parallel execution in the following ways:

Run parallel execution using one Appium server

You can create a multisession on one Appium server to run tests on different devices and mobile operating systems in parallel.

When you run tests in parallel using mobile clouds and one Appium server, you don't have to configure additional Desired Capabilities.

To run parallel execution using one Appium server, follow the steps below:

  1. Create Desired Capabilities by adding the standard Module Set Desired Capabilities.

  2. Configure Desired Capabilties according to your mobile operating system as described in the table below.

Mobile devices

Desired Capabilities configuration

2 or more Android devices

Use a different systemPort Desired Capability for each device.

2 or more iOS devices

Use a different webkitDebugProxyPort and wdaLocalPort Desired Capability for each device.

1 Android device and 1 iOS device

You don't have to specify any Desired Capabilities.

Run parallel execution on mobile devices

To run Mobile Engine 3.0 TestCases in parallel, follow the steps below:

  1. Move all configured ExecutionLists to an ExecutionLists Folder.

    Ensure that the ExecutionLists Folder contains only ExecutionLists configured for mobile test execution.

  2. On the ExecutionLists Folder level, add the test configuration parameter Execute in Parallel and set its value to True.

ExecuteInParallel test configuration paramater

  1. Right-click the ExecutionLists Folder and select Run from the context menu.