Install Tricentis Tosca via setup dialog

You can install Tricentis Tosca in one of the following ways:

This chapter explains how to install Tricentis Tosca via setup dialog.


Before you start the installation, ensure that you meet all requirements listed in chapter "Install Tricentis Tosca".

Start the installation

To start the installation, double-click the Tricentis Tosca 14.2.0.exe file. This opens the Tricentis Tosca Installer that guides you through the installation process.

On the first page of the Tricentis Tosca Installer, you have to agree to the license terms and conditions.

To do so, select the check box and click Continue.

Tricentis Tosca Installer

If you already have an earlier Tricentis Tosca version installed, select the check box and click Upgrade. This uninstalls the existing version and installs the new version with the default components to the previously configured folders.

However, Tricentis recommends that you do a clean uninstall and reinstall. For more information on how to upgrade, see the upgrade manual.

License information for third-party software components

Tricentis Tosca uses third-party software components. After a default installation, you can find a list of these components and the corresponding license information at C:\Program Files (x86)\Tricentis\Tosca Testsuite\License.url.

Navigate the Installer

You can see all steps of the installation process on the left side of the Installer window.

To navigate between the installation steps, click Next to proceed or Back to modify a previous step. You can also return to a previous step by clicking on the respective tab on the left side of the Installer window.

Steps of the installation process

Check prerequisites

Tricentis Tosca requires some prerequisites to work properly. The Installer displays all prerequisites and checks whether the required components are available in the system:

  • The icon indicates that a component is available.

  • The icon indicates that Tricentis Tosca Installer needs to install a missing component, which it does automatically.

  • If an icon is white, it only indicates that a particular component is selected in the list.

Prerequisites of Tricentis Tosca installation

Click Next to continue.

Select the setup type

You can select one of the following setup types:

  • Tosca Commander performs a default installation. This setup type installs the default components.

  • Execution Agent is an execution-only agent exclusively for Engines 3.0.

  • Custom Installation allows you to select components to install.

Default components

If you upgrade from an earlier version, you can only select Tosca Commander. To select a different setup type, remove your installed Tricentis Tosca version manually and restart the installation process.

Select a setup type and click Next to continue.

Select the install location

Tricentis Tosca Installer provides default destination folders for the installation of Tricentis Tosca.

If you want to change the default destination folders, you must select directories to which all Tricentis Tosca users have write access.

Network drives can not host the directories Tosca_Projects and APPDATA. The Tosca_Projects folder must be placed in a directory that is persistent on the machine.

To select a different directory, click Browse and select a destination folder in the subsequent dialog.

Select installation directories

Click Next to continue.

Enable Tosca Diagnostics

With Tosca Diagnostics, you can help improve Tricentis Tosca by sending anonymous usage statistics.

To enable Tosca Diagnostics, select the check box.

Enable Tosca Diagnostics

After installation, you can enable or disable Tosca Diagnostics in Tosca Commander under Project->Settings->Diagnostics. For more information, see chapter "Settings - Diagnostics".

Click Next to continue.

Enable Tosca Data Integrity

Tosca Data Integrity (Tosca DI) allows you to end-to-end test your data integrity, Data Warehouse, and general data environments.

To work with Tosca Data Integrity, you need a valid Tosca DI license. For further information, contact your Tricentis sales person.

To enable Tosca Data Integrity for immediate use after the installation, select the check box and click Next to continue.

Enable Tosca Data Integrity

If you don't enable Tosca Data Integrity during the installation, you can do so later in the Tosca Commander options under Project->Options->Tosca DI.

Configure Vision AI

Tricentis Vision AI allows you to automate even the hardest-to-access UI systems thanks to deep learning technology.

To work with Vision AI, you need a Tricentis Cloud Platform account. For further information, contact your Tricentis sales person.

Vision AI is installed by default. If you don't want to install it, deselect the check box Install Tricentis Vision AI Engine.

If you want to change the default Tricentis Nexus Server, enter the URL of your server into the Nexus Server field and click Next to continue.

Enable Tricentis Vision AI

Custom Setup

If you have selected Custom Installation in the Select Setup Type dialog, you can customize Tricentis Tosca with selected components.

Select the check boxes next to the components that you want to install.

Select components

Click Next to continue.

Review the installation

Review dialog

In the Review dialog, you can review the installation and configuration.

If you want to make changes before the installation, click Change Features. The Installer redirects you to the Setup Type dialog.

Change your settings and continue with the installation as described above.

If you agree with the installation summary, click Install to run the installation.

Installation progress

In the Installation dialog, you can follow the installation progress:

  • The icon indicates a successful installation.

  • The icon indicates an unsuccessful installation of a component.

Installation progress

Finish the installation

The Tricentis Tosca Installer displays the installation summary and indicates whether all components have been installed successfully.

Completed installation process

If a component did not install properly, click Show Logs. You can also find the installation logs in the %TEMP% folder on your local machine. If you cannot identify the problem based on the logs, contact Tricentis Support.

Click Finish to complete the installation.

At this stage, the Tricentis Tosca installation is complete for the Microsoft® Windows user that is currently logged in. Tricentis Tosca is available to other users as soon as you reboot Microsoft® Windows.