Create TestSteps from Modules

To create a TestStep, you have to assign a Module to a TestCase. Tricentis Tosca creates the TestSteps on the basis of the ModuleAttributes.

To create a TestStep for an existing TestCase, drag a Module onto the TestCase.

To select several Modules, press Ctrl and drag them all onto a TestCase.

Drag the Module onto the TestCase

Alternatively, you can drag the Module(s) onto a TestCase folder to create a new TestCase. The TestSteps are created automatically in the same way as when you create a single TestStep.

Once you've dragged a Module onto a TestCase, it is assigned to this TestCase. In the new TestStep that Tricentis Tosca creates, the TestStepValues correspond to the ModuleAttributes.

TestStepValues and ModuleAttributes

If you change the order of ModuleAttributes in the Module, Tricentis Tosca automatically updates the order of TestStepValues in the TestStep.

Rename a TestStep

The name of the TestStep is generated automatically and it is the same as the name of the Module.

You can rename a TestStep in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the Rename icon in the mini toolbar.

  • Select Modify->Name from the context menu.

  • Press F2.