Key Features Version 14.3 STS

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS.

This chapter gives you an overview of our Tosca Version 14.3 STS key features. For a detailed list of all new features, please download the Technical Release Notes from the Tricentis Support Portal.

For information on Short-Term Support (STS) and Long-Term Support (LTS) releases, see this Tricentis Knowledge Base article.

API Engine 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, you can define the service name when configuring AWS Signature authentication for API messages.


Classic Engines

Tricentis announces the deprecation of its Classic Engines in Tricentis Tosca. For detailed information on the deprecation timeline, see this Tricentis Knowledge Base article.

DotNet Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, you can scan and steer menus and context menus with the DotNet Engine 3.0.


Elastic Execution Grid

Tricentis is excited to announce the technical preview of Elastic Execution Grid!

Elastic Execution Grid is a cloud-based environment where you can store, run, and track tests over time. Elastic Execution Grid gives you reliable results within minutes, no matter how many machines you have, or how complex your tests are.

If you integrate Tricentis Tosca with Elastic Execution Grid, you can create your tests in Tricentis Tosca and run them in Elastic Execution Grid.

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HOST Engine 3.0

You can now input text into HOST table cells and use buffers to dynamically steer HOST parameters.


When you create HOST Modules, Tricentis Tosca now saves them with a screenshot of the preview screen.


Improved performance

With Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, we significantly improve the performance of object deletion and checkin of deleted objects.

Log Viewer

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, you can now search for log events with the Log Viewer.


Mobile Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS introduces the dynamic allocation of devices in Perfecto.


Furthermore, our latest version includes a number of performance improvements for Mobile Scan and mobile tests execution. Mobile Engine 3.0 now skips the visibility check of controls if you use supported mobile clouds.


Version 14.3 also allows you to integrate with TestProject, so you can test iOS applications without a Mac. For detailed information, see this TricentisKnowledge Base Article.

Additionally, Mobile Engine 3.0 now supports the Flutter and React Native framework. This feature is still in a beta phase. For detailed information, see this Tricentis Knowledge Base Article.

Note: Appium and Tosca Mobile Assistant are no longer part of the Tricentis Tosca installation. To use Mobile Engine 3.0, you must download and install these components separately.


Salesforce Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, the Salesforce Scan supports rescan on pages with iFrames. To use this feature, you must enable the flag for iFrames handling. For detailed information, refer to this Tricentis Knowledge Base article.

SAP Web Extension 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS supports SAPUI5 version 1.93.

Furthermore, we have improved the standard Module SAP Fiori Tile. It can now handle tiles that have the same title and subtitle and occur within the same category.


Additionally, you can now steer controls of the same type that are embedded in a cell of SAP Fiori Grid Table.


Self-healing Mode

Our latest version of Tricentis Tosca includes Self-healing Mode for Tricentis Tosca XScan, Tricentis Tosca Rescan, and the Recorder.

If you enable Self-healing Mode and Tosca fails to find the control during execution, Tosca tries to find a similar control in the system under test. This adds stability to test runs, reduces manual effort, and allows you to easily identify changed controls.


TextStream Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS introduces the TextStream Engine 3.0, which allows you to steer and test TextStream objects. You can use it to load TextStream objects, manipulate their content and save them to different destination types.


Tosca Commander Guided Tour

Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS includes our new interactive guided tour, which leads new users through their first steps with Tosca Commander. You'll learn how to create a new workspace, scan an application, and design a TestCase.


Tosca Data Integrity

With Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, comparing opposite-sorted datasets is more than twice as fast, and uses less memory.

Also, you can now steer the Data Integrity Agent via command line. This allows you to start the agent and run your data comparisons immediately, without any detours.


Tosca SAP Solution Manager Integration

Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS includes the new SNC configuration in the SAP Solution Manager Wizard.


Furthermore, you can now provide your RFC credentials directly in the SAP Solution Manager Wizard.


Tricentis Update Service

Tricentis is excited to offer a technical preview of the new Tricentis Update Service.

Tricentis Update Service uncomplicates the patch process for Engines 3.0. Unlike with patches, you don't have to complete a full Tricentis Tosca installation to apply fixes. Instead, you just download relevant update packages from the Tricentis Support Portal and Tricentis Update Service does the rest!


Tricentis Vision AI

Our latest version of Tricentis Tosca includes self healing of Vision AI TestCases. Vision AI allows you to enable self healing of every control that can't be found when you run your ExecutionList.


With Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, we have improved table detection for Tricentis Vision AI.

Additionally, Tricentis Vision AI supports steering of Trees, Menus, TabBars, and Toolbars, as well as vertical scrolling for Tables, Trees, and Lists.


Furthermore, Vision AI controls now support the business property ResultCount.

XBrowser Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, you can steer Microsoft Edge Chromium with WebDriver and Terminal Server.

Our latest version uses the native messaging of Google Chrome which improves the execution of Google Chrome tests in a Terminal Server environment.

Furthermore, you can now specify a proxy server when you execute XBrowser TestCases via WebDriver.


Additionally, it is now possible to steer a table whose header belongs to another table.


Upgrade to Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS

For detailed information on how to upgrade from Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS to Tricentis Tosca 14.3 STS, see chapter "Upgrade from version 14.2 LTS to 14.3 STS".

Known issues

Database Engine 3.0

Passwords can't contain curly brackets or semicolons.

Salesforce Engine 3.0

Salesforce Scan doesn't process record type selectors. If Modules you create with Salesforce Scan contain record type selectors, the corresponding TestStep fails.

Additionally, Tosca XScan identifies some types of drop-downs as Links instead of ComboBoxes. If this happens when you scan your Salesforce application with Tosca XScan, follow the steps below:

  1. Close XScan.

  2. Expand and collapse the drop-down in your application.

  3. Scan the page again. XScan now offers a Link and a ComboBox for the drop-down.

  4. For your Module, select both the Link and the ComboBox.

  5. In your TestCase, create two TestSteps from the Module:

    • In the first TestStep, click on the link.

    • In the second TestStep, steer the drop-down.

TextStream Engine 3.0

When you use ActionMode Constraint on a table column, Tricentis Tosca fails to find any corresponding row for that column.

Tosca Data Integrity

  • Passwords can't contain curly brackets or semicolons.

  • In rare circumstances, canceling a row by row reconciliation test may not clean up temporary files.

  • Only one user per Windows Server and Terminal Server is supported for Tosca Data Integrity test execution.