Distributed Execution with AOS with multiple repositories

This option is only available for Tosca Distributed Execution with Automation Object Service.

Usually, you work with one common repository. All user workspaces and the Automation Object Service (AOS) workspace are connected to this repository.

You can set up Distributed Execution to handle multiple repositories.

In this case, you have some users connected to one repository and other users connected to another repository. Additionally, you have separate AOS workspaces: one for each repository.

Set up the AOS workspace

To set up Distributed Execution to handle multiple repositories, follow the steps below:

  1. Set up your additional repository (see chapter "Create multi-user workspaces").

    When you create the very first user workspace, make sure that the workspace name only contains alphanumeric characters and underscores _.

    Don't use any other special characters.

  2. Create a workspace for the Automation Object Service (AOS) for the new repository:

  3. If you have additional user machines, perform the following actions:

  4. If you want to set up parallel execution, create the necessary project root setting.

Specify the number of parallel workspaces

You can specify how many AOS workspaces the Automation Object Service can work with in parallel.

By default, the Automation Object Service can only handle one AOS workspace per repository. However, it can handle multiple AOS workspaces from different repositories at the same time.

By default, the Automation Object Service can handle a maximum of 10 workspaces from different repositories in parallel. You can set a different number.

Note that a high number of workspaces in parallel may impact performance.

To change the maximum number of workspaces, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Tricentis Service Configuration.

  2. In the Automation Object Service tab, enter a different number into the Maximum Parallel Workspaces field.

Tricentis Service Configuration: Specify the maximum number of parallel workspaces