Synchronize Test Plans and Test Packages

SAP Solution Manager enables you to create a Test Package that contains the Test Configurations that you want to execute. You configure a Test Package within a Test Plan and you can synchronize it with Tricentis Tosca. You can import the Test Package to Tricentis Tosca as an ExecutionList.

You can use this integration as of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP14.

This process provides the following advantages:

  • You have an extended control over who can execute the tests.

  • You can block test execution in SAP Solution Manager.

  • It provides you with a ready-made ExecutionList that you can execute in Tricentis Tosca.

Get started

To use the enhances security workflow, you must fulfill the following prerequisites:

What's next?

Enhanced security workflow consists of two processes that are independent from each other: