Use the Standard subset

Tricentis Tosca provides a subset with default objects that help you to automate your tests and streamline your workflow.

You can access this subset in the following ways:

By default, the Standard subset file Standard.tsu is located at %TRICENTIS_PROJECTS%\ToscaCommander.

Contents of the subset

The subset contains the following objects:


The folder Standard modules contains the following sub-folders:

Sample TestCases and ExecutionLists

You can find sample TestCases and ExecutionLists in the following locations (see chapter "Sample TestCases and ExecutionLists"):

  • Sample TestCases are in the folder TestCases->Standard module examples->TBox XEngines.

  • The corresponding ExecutionLists are in the folder Execution->ExecutionLists->Standard module examples->TBox XEngines.

Virtual folders

Virtual folders are folders that don't have assigned objects, but assigned search functions. The Standard subset offers sample Virtual folders with queries (see chapter "Sample Virtual folders").


The Standard subset offers reporting templates for ExecutionLists, Requirements, and TestCases (see chapter "Sample reports").