Set up test execution

To set up the execution of your TestCases in the Execution section, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create an ExecutionList out of your TestCases.

    An ExecutionList is a collection of TestCases. Once you add a TestCase to an ExecutionList, this TestCase becomes an ExecutionEntry in the ExecutionList.

  2. Modify the ExecutionList according to your needs:

    • change the order in which Tosca Commander executes the ExecutionEntries in your ExecutionList

    • skip certain ExecutionEntries during execution

    • repeat ExecutionEntries multiple times, either with the same or with different values

  3. In the Details tab, add columns that contain relevant information on the execution of your tests.

  4. If you have made any changes to your TestCases folders after you created your ExecutionList, synchronize them with your ExecutionList.

Prepared ExecutionList