About test configuration parameters

You can configure your tests by using test configuration parameters to set values. A test configuration parameter is a parameter which you can set for Tosca objects. If you apply specific values to your test configuration parameters you can simplify the maintenance of your tests and avoid repetitions. Specific values can be the following: 

  • test object versions such as release numbers

  • identifiers of various test environments , e.g. Windows 7

  • connection identifiers (URLs, parameters)

  • business process chain identifiers


You can create test configuration parameters for the following Tricentis Tosca objects: 


Project root element


Component folder

ExecutionEntry folder

Configurations folder


TestCase folder



TestCase-Design folder

ExecutionList folder


Test configuration parameters are inherited hierarchically and you can overwrite the inherited values for each individual object. To bundle several test configuration parameters at a specified maintenance point in your repository, you can create configurations.