Access Tricentis User Administration

Tricentis User Administration allows you to centrally manage users across multiple projects, which saves time and effort as your testing projects scale. This topic explains how to access Tricentis User Administration.

What's in this topic?

This topic is for administrators and users. It has all the information you need to complete the following tasks: 

  • Open the Tricentis User Administration interface and sign in.

  • Navigate the interface.

Note: you need an account to sign in. If you don't have an account yet, please contact your administrator.

Open Tricentis User Administration

To open the Tricentis User Administration interface, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Tosca Server website: http(s)://<Tosca Server address>:<port>

  2. Click on User Administration.

Sign in to Tricentis User Administration

How you sign in depends on how your administrator set up User Administration:

  • If you got an email invitation or you self-registered, enter the email address and password you specified during the account activation process.

  • If your administrator set up Active Directory connections, enter your email address and password. As your email address, enter <LDAP name@domain> . For example:

  • If your administrator has enabled Single Sign-On, click on SSO and enter your Windows credentials: email and password.

If you're an administrator who has just set up User Administration and is signing in for the first time, sign in with the default admin credentials. If you don't know the default admin credentials, please contact Tricentis Support.

Navigate Tricentis User Administration

Once you've signed in, the interface opens on the My Account page, where you can perform the following tasks:

Administrators have access to an extended menu. In addition to the My Account page, they also have access to Users, Groups, Connections, and Settings.

Admin view of the Tricentis User Administration interface

What's next

If you're an administrator, check out the admin workflow for information on how to manage users and give them access to your test projects.

If you're a user and you're happy with your account details, it's time to put your application to the test. Get started with Tricentis Tosca.