Key Features version 16.0 LTS

The Tricentis team is excited to introduce Tricentis Tosca 16.0 LTS!

This topic gives you an overview of our 16.0 LTS key features. For a detailed list of all new features, please download the Technical Release Notes from the Tricentis Support Hub.

For information on Short-Term Support (STS) and Long-Term Support (LTS) releases, see this Tricentis Knowledge Base article.

API Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 16.0 supports additional Kafka environments, which means you can tailor your API tests even better to your needs. As of this version, you can also configure the message KeyType, Key Serialization Schema, and Value Serialization Schema.



DokuSnapper creates a report with detailed information on every TestCase you run. We've added a new setting that lets you attach the report directly to your execution results, so all users can access it in their own workspace. That way, you no longer have to figure out the best place to save and access the report.


Host Engine 3.0 and PuTTY Engine 3.0

It's now much easier to update your existing HOST and PuTTY Modules. You can now rescan them with Tosca Remote Terminal Scan.


Java Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 16.0, you can do even more with the Java Engine 3.0. You can now scan and steer Java 17 applications out of the box.

Mobile Engine 3.0

Our latest version of Tricentis Tosca offers a variety of enhancements to the Mobile Scan:

  • The Mobile Engine 3.0 supports key vaults for tokens or passwords to mobile applications in a cloud. Simply apply Desired Capabilities during Mobile Scan or for test execution.

PDF Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 16.0 brings exciting new features for the PDF Engine 3.0:

Pre-execution approval

Our new pre-execution approval feature allows you to validate your TestCases before you run them, and it protects validated TestCases from unauthorized modifications. It's a vital tool to safeguard your test environment and speed up your governance processes, so you can release faster and with more confidence.


qTest integration

Linking your automated Tosca tests to qTest is now faster than before, especially if you have a large number of qTest projects and releases.


Test Data Service

Test Data Service in Tosca Server 16.0 brings new ways to customize your experience. You can now configure size limits for your Test Data Service requests.


Tosca CI/CD integration

The Tricentis Tosca 16.0 offers enhanced Elastic Execution Grid integration:

  • You can request results and summary results via Tosca Server Execution API.

  • You can override Agent Characteristics and test configuration parameters at run-time whenever you trigger tests via Tosca Server Execution API or Tosca Execution Clients. This lets you fine-tune your test run without having to reconfigure multiple tests.

Tosca Commander

We are thrilled to announce that Tricentis Tosca 16.0 now officially supports Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 operating systems. For more details, check the system requirements for Tosca.

Other exciting updates for Tosca Commander:

Tosca Commander LDAP integration 

Tosca Commander 16.0 has improved security for Active Directory syncs. You can now encrypt your LDAP connection with a new configuration parameter.


Tosca DI

We have good news if you want to run your DI tests with Tosca Distributed Execution: you can now run DI TestCases in parallel on your Tosca Distribution Agents. This ensures that you get the most out of your execution infrastructure. And it gives you faster results.


Tosca Distributed Execution

Tosca Distributed Execution adds another security layer to keep sensitive data safe. You can now store RDP credentials, AOS workspace credentials, and Agent credentials for HTTPS authentication in a HashiCorp key vault instead of your Tosca Distributed Execution configurations. At runtime, Tricentis Tosca securely fetches the credentials from your key vault and uses them for authentication.

Plus, we have exciting updates for Unattended Execution:

  • A new configuration check during setup lets you know whether your Agent has all necessary configurations and policies for Unattended Execution.

  • You can now configure your Agents to open the RDP session at startup and then keep it open. This speeds up Agent preparation time and execution. Agent preparation time because you only have to define your UI session user once, for this session. And execution because the Agent doesn't need to repeatedly open and close sessions during test runs.

  • You no longer need to worry about domain names or Windows Network Level Authentication on your Agent machines. It's enough to enter the username in your RDP credentials; Tosca Distributed Execution automatically adds the domain name in the background. So you can leave your Windows Network Level Authentication active.


Tosca Server with Gateway

Tosca Server 16.0 makes the Gateway service safer. You can now choose to only allow requests from specific origins. All you have to do is specify one or more allowed origins during the Tosca Gateway Service configuration.


Moreover, if you use an HTTPS binding with our latest version of Tosca Server, you can make the certificate revocation check optional.


Tosca XScan

Our latest version offers new ways to customize your experience with Tosca XScan. You can now manage your list of ignored applications, add unique application identifiers, choose to capture screenshots, or even keep your filter preferences - directly in Tosca XScan.


You can also map default application IDs for a control on an additional level: not only on the engine one, but also for a specific application.


Tricentis Mobile Agent

The new Tricentis Mobile Agent is a centralized mobile service that lets you easily manage local, remote and cloud-based device connectivity while you create and run your tests as usual in Tosca. You no longer need to worry about installing or configuring necessary components, as Tricentis Mobile Agent does it for you. Simply download Tricentis Mobile Agent, connect your Android or iOS devices and start testing.


Tricentis File Service

Tricentis File Service is more resilient than ever. With our latest version, you can keep working in Tosca even if the file system runs out of disk space or is temporarily unavailable.

We have also added a new setting that allows you to increase the maximum file size that you can upload.

Last, but not least, you can now exclude execution logs from auto-removal. This means you can leave the file system size management to Tricentis File Service, but keep your most important logs indefinitely.


Tricentis User Administration

Our latest version of Tricentis User Administration offers more flexibility in synchronizing users with Active Directory. If your LDAP host differs from the domain name, you can now define this LDAP host alias in the settings.


Vision AI

You can now authenticate your Vision AI Agents via command line. This can save you a significant amount of time when dealing with several Vision AI Agents. Moreover, you can also save your personal access token and use it to easily access multiple machines that run Vision AI. This also includes authenticating to Vision AI when using DEX Agents.


XBrowser Engine 3.0

The XBrowser Engine 3.0 brings new accessibility skills to your tests. Tosca XScan can now identify and steer ARIA controls when you scan your web pages with the XBrowser Engine 3.0.


Deprecation announcement

Tricentis announces the deprecation of six legacy Tricentis Tosca components. For detailed information on the deprecation plan, see this Tricentis Knowledge Base article.

Upgrade to Tricentis Tosca 16.0 LTS

For detailed information on how to upgrade from Tricentis Tosca 15.2 LTS to Tricentis Tosca 16.0 LTS, see chapter "Upgrade from version 15.2 LTS to 16.0 LTS".

Known issues

API Engine 3.0

API Engine 3.0 can't connect to AWS services using AWS Signature authentication.

Legacy Tosca CI/CD integration: execution with Tosca Distributed Execution (fixed with patch 2)

If you use Tosca Server with an HTTPS binding, there are communication issues between DEX Server and the Tosca Java CI Client. If you want to use the legacy CI/CD solution with Tosca Distributed Execution in non-Windows environments, you need to install Tosca patch 2 or later.

SAP Engine 3.0

If you scan SAP GUI 8.0 applications based on the x64 architecture, Tosca XScan throws an unexpected error.

Moreover, the SAP Logon Module returns an exception if you specify a x64 executable for the SapLogonPath ModuleAttribute.

Tosca Distributed Execution with AOS

You might experience stability issues with large test sets and long test runs. If you do, switch to the legacy solution as a workaround. We're working hard to fix this problem.

Tosca Recorder and Tricentis ARA

There are issues with displaying user actions when recording an image-based TestStep in Tosca Recorder and Tricentis ARA. This means you can't choose to save, close, or move from the action menu after you highlight an area. Note that you can still confirm the area selection with Enter and cancel with Esc.