Welcome to Tricentis Analytics

What is it?

Tricentis Analytics is an enterprise analytics and business intelligence application for the Tricentis Continuous Testing platform. Our industry-leading tool allows you to create and view robust custom reports, charts, and dashboards around your testing initiatives. Tricentis Analytics is capable of drawing test results from qTest and Tosca. This offers you a single pane of glass through which to view your progress across manual testing, functional and API automation testing, performance testing, and more.

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Why Should I Use Tricentis Analytics?

Simply put, Tricentis Analytics provides testing teams the most robust offering of reporting solutions. Here is a short list of solutions that Tricentis Analytics offers:

  • Self Service Test Analytics: Tricentis Analytics’ easy-to-use interface empowers software testing teams to create self-service visualizations on all testing metrics

  • Stay Connected: Easily combine test data sources into a single view for scaled agile planning and enterprise deployments.

  • Visualize Reports: Deliver great looking reports quickly by using our drag and drop charts for ease of use. Advanced data visualization includes distribution plots, pie charts, histograms, tree maps, interactive gauges, combo charts, and much more.

  • Enterprise Performance: Tricentis Analytics performs to handle your ever-increasing testing data. Built with performance top of mind, Tricentis Analytics provides you with free-form exploration without the limitations of query-based tools.

  • Tell the Entire Story: Combine as many sprints, releases, and projects as you want to measure testing across distributed teams.

For more information on all of the other capabilities and solutions that Tricentis Analytics offers, refer to our User Guides.

What's Inside?

Tricentis Analytics offers two applications: the Tosca Enterprise Analytics Application and the qTest Enterprise Analytics Application. Each comes standard with pre-built reports. In addition to the pre-built reports, Tricentis Analytics gives you the ability to build custom reports to track testing KPIs and forecast trends to measure team performance. For more information, refer to Creating and Modifying Sheets.