Tricentis Analytics version 1.3.1 is compatible with qTest version 9.7 and Tosca version 12.3.

Access and Log in to Tricentis Analytics for Tosca Customers


This article outlines how to access and log in to Tricentis Analytics as a Tosca user.

Access Tricentis Analytics

To start Tricentis Analytics for the first time, follow the steps below: 

  1. Wait for Tricentis Analytics to make the first snapshot.

Alternatively, you can configure Snapshotter and Scheduler after the initial installation (see chapter "Configure Data Load Frequency After Installation").

  1. Open the Tricentis Analytics website by entering the following URL into your browser: https://localhost/tricentisanalytics

  1. Log into Tricentis Analytics with the user credentials of your workspace(s).

Tricentis Analytics login dialog

You can log in with your LDAP credentials if they have been synchronized into the snapshotted workspaces.

To do so, enter your windows credentials in the Username and Password textboxes. Use the format "username@domain" in the Username textbox.

When you login into Tricentis Analytics with a specific user, it displays all data of the Tosca Commander workspaces in which that user exists. If you do not have any access to specific workspaces, a user has to be created for you (see chapter "User management").

If you want to access your Tricentis qTest test portfolio in Tricentis Analytics, log in with your Tricentis qTest credentials.

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