Use on-premise licensing

On-premise licensing offers you floating licensing via your own, on-premise license server. This server does not have to be connected to the internet.

The Tricentis License Server has its own setup and is released independently from Tosca Commander or Tosca Server.

The current version of the Tricentis License Server is version 3.0.1. It is compatible with Tricentis Tosca version 10.2 or later.

For information on software versions and hardware requirements, see the Tricentis Tosca License Server system requirements.

For information on how to install your on-premise license server, see chapter "Install an on-premise license server".

For information on how to set up on-premise licensing after the server installation, see chapter "Set up on-premise licensing".

For information on how to upgrade your server, see chapter "Upgrade the Tricentis License Server".

On-premise licensing: Architecture diagram

Release overview

For information on the key features introduced in each new version of the Tricentis License Server, see chapter "Release notes".