Additional configuration for iOS devices

To use an iOS device with Tricentis Mobile Agent, you must perform the additional configuration steps in this topic. These steps get the necessary information to control and authorize the devices on which Tricentis Mobile Agent can run, and the Apple services it can access.


To use an iOS device with Tricentis Mobile Agent, you must meet the following requirements:

Perform additional configuration steps

To use an iOS device with Tricentis Mobile Agent, you must perform the following additional configuration steps:

  1. On Tricentis Mobile Agent, go to iOS artifacts.

  1. In the Insert Apple team ID text field, enter your Apple team ID.

    If you clear the Apple team ID, this also removes the existing Certificate Signing Request (CSR), certificate, and provisioning profile.

  1. Go to Certificate Signing Request (CSR), select Generate new CSR, and download the CSR file.

    The signed certificate has an expiry date. If the certificate expires, you need to create a new CSR or you can't run your tests. Generating a new CSR removes the previous CSR's signed certificate and provisioning profile.

  1. Go to Certificate, select Upload certificate.

    This certificate confirms the match between the Apple team ID and the CSR. The certificate is stored in a .p12 file that you must upload to Tricentis Mobile Agent. If you upload another certificate, this removes the existing provisioning profile.

  1. Under Provisioning profile, select Upload provisioning profile.

    The provisioning profile is used by Apple to list the eligible devices where the driver can be installed. Generate and download a provisioning profile using the App ID wildcard option from the Apple Developer Portal.

To review your uploaded certificates and provisioning profile, enable Debugging mode in Agent settings.

Install iTunes

To perform test automation of an iOS device on Windows operating system, you must install iTunes. Make sure you download iTunes from the App store.

After the installation of iTunes, perform one of the following actions:

  • Restart your computer.

  • Reconnect your iOS device.

What's next

Now that you have configured your iOS device with Tricentis Mobile Agent, you can perform any of the following actions: