System requirements

Check out the list of system requirements for Tricentis Mobile Agent.

Operating systems

Tricentis Mobile Agent supports the following operating systems:

Operating system





Server 2019

Server 2022


11.14 or later




Mobile platforms

You can test mobile applications on the following devices:

Mobile platform



7 through 14

15 (latest preview version)

API level 24 through 34


12 through 17*

18* (latest preview version)

Note that we only support Android Studio for virtual Android devices and Xcode for virtual iOS devices.

*Testing devices that run iOS 17 or later requires a Mac.

iOS simulator

To run your mobile tests with an iOS simulator, you need to be signed in using your Apple team ID. Moreover, the following additional requirements apply:

  • Xcode version 14 or later (macOS Monterey 12.5 or later)

  • The application and simulator must run on the following operating systems and processors:

    • Mac run on an x86 processor

    • Mac run on an M1 processor and Xcode over Rosetta

Android emulator

To run your mobile tests with an Android emulator, you must install and run an Android emulator on the same machine that is running Tricentis Mobile Agent. We recommend that you use Android Studio to install an Android emulator. For information on how to set up an Android emulator with Android Studio, see the Android Developer guide.