Running Now

The Running Now screen lists the apps that are currently running in a table with the following columns. Click a heading to sort the table by values in the selected column.


Click ‘Details…’ to display the Process Run screen for the app’s top-level workflow. This displays the workflow’s execution details.


Click ‘Abort…’ to abort the selected app.


The name of an app.


The LiveCompare user who executed a variant of the app.


The execution status for the app. This column contains one of the following values:

Value Description
Running A variant of the app is currently running. These rows are highlighted in green.
InQueue The app variant has been queued because the limit on the number of workflows that can be run at the same time has been reached. These rows are highlighted in pink. As running workflows complete, any variants will be started automatically in sequence.

Start Time

The start date and time for the execution of the app variant. For queued variants, this column displays the date and time when the variant was placed in the queue.

To refresh the display periodically after a specified number of seconds, enter a value in the ‘Refresh Interval:’ field and click ‘Set Interval’. To prevent the display from being refreshed, click ‘Stop Refresh’. To refresh the display immediately, click ‘Refresh Now’.

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