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What is LiveCompare?

LiveCompare is an SAP analysis tool that is designed to be used at each stage of the SAP lifecycle. It is installed on a server machine, and is accessed from one or more clients, with components installed on the SAP systems to be analyzed. LiveCompare includes the following features:


Workflows are flowchart diagrams which may be executed to run a set of tasks in sequence. Workflows are created in repositories named workspaces, which are implemented as SQLite databases. These are normally stored locally on the LiveCompare server, and are presented as a hierarchy of objects on the LiveCompare main screen.

Workflow diagrams include three main types of objects. Actions define the tasks that a workflow will perform, parameters define the data used by the actions, and datasets store the results of the actions. Dataset objects may present a hierarchy of comparison results, or table data which may be used as the basis of a report or chart.

LiveCompare includes actions for retrieving and comparing SAP data, as well as several reporting actions. A typical comparison workflow might retrieve and compare a set of objects from two systems, create a chart from the comparison results, and email the chart to a number of users. Other actions perform analyses of SAP data, for example by discovering dependency links between SAP objects.

LiveCompare features an intuitive development environment for creating, developing and executing workflows. Workflows may also be run directly from the workspace hierarchy, or scheduled to be run at a future date and time.


LiveCompare includes a set of template workflows, which perform SAP comparison tasks in a number of application areas. Templates may be copied into a workspace and then customized to meet your own requirements. The following LiveCompare templates are available, organized as folders in the LiveCompare hierarchy.

Template folder Description
Basis These templates assist with SAP project administration.
Human Resources These templates allow HR objects to be compared and analyzed.
Impact Analysis These templates analyze the impact of Support Packs or other SAP transports.
Prerequisites These templates satisfy the prerequisites for the Impact Analysis templates.
Shared Templates These templates are shared by a number of apps and workflows.
Synchronization These templates allow SAP systems to be compared and synchronized.
Tools These templates verify that the SAP components required for LiveCompare have been installed correctly, and perform a number of utility functions.


Apps present the input parameters for a workflow in a simple form-based user interface. When a workflow has been registered as an app, it may be run by providing its inputs in a set of form fields. The result of the workflow is normally a report URL, which is returned to the app and displayed as the app’s result.

Apps may be run on a number of devices that have access to the LiveCompare server, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. A number of Standard apps are included with LiveCompare and may be accessed from the Apps screen.


Projects group apps and other resources into analyses that correspond to particular SAP lifecycle events. The following project types are available.

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