Link Test Cases and Requirements

qTest Manager provides essential traceability between test cases and requirements. You can establish this traceability on either the requirement or test case object.

Tricentis recommends the following as Best Practice when linking Requirements to Test Cases, either from within the UI or via API. Note the maximum thresholds and associated impact. These numbers are generalized for providing context.

  • One Requirement linked to 2,500 Test Cases: Expect difficult navigation within the UI at 2,500 and load time will increase.

  • One Requirement linked to 60,001 or more Test Cases: Not recommended as the system will become unstable.

By default, you can link up to 100 Test Cases to a requirement in a single operation. To link more than the limit, perform multiple operations. Alternatively, administrators can set a new limit in AdministrationSettings.

Link Requirement to Existing Test Case

To link a requirement to an existing test case, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Requirements in qTest Manager.

  2. In the tree panel, expand your Module. Then, select the Requirement.

  3. In the Resources section, select Add. The Test Cases dialog displays.

  4. Select your Test Case that you would like to link to your Requirement. Select Add.

  5. Select Save.

    A Requirement can be linked to more than one Test Case. To quickly link a Test Case to many requirements, use the SHIFT and/or CTRL key to select multiple Test Cases in the dialog. Then, select Add.

Link Requirements to Test Cases Video

For highest quality, watch this video in full-screen mode.

Link Requirement to New Test Case

To link a Requirement to a new Test Case, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Requirement page, expand the Create Associated Test Cases section.

  2. Enter a name, type, description, and precondition.

  3. Click Create.

    The created Test Case is automatically linked to the Requirement and displays in the Linked Test Cases section in the Resources area of the Requirement page.

    Once the linked Test Case is created, you can select the Test Case to add more details.

Link Test Case to Requirements

In addition to linking a Requirement to a new or existing Test Case, you can also link a Test Case to an existing Requirement. Perform the steps as follows:

  1. Select the Test Design tab.

  2. In the left navigation panel, select the applicable Test Case.

  3. On the Requirements tab of the Test Case page, click Add.

    The Add Requirements dialog displays.

  4. Click the Requirements tab.

  5. Select the proper Requirement in the dialog. Then click Add.

    A Test Case can be linked to more than one Requirement. To quickly link a Test Case to many Requirements, press the SHIFT and/or CTRL key to select multiple Requirements in the dialog. Then select Add.