Open a workspace

In this chapter you will learn how to open a workspace and get started with Tosca. You can open a workspace in Tosca Commander or via the command line.

To open a workspace in Tosca Commander, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Tosca Commander.

  2. Tosca Commander start screen

  3. The Recent Projects section shows projects that you have worked on recently. Click on one of the entries to open a recent project.

    To open another project, click the Browse button.

    Alternatively, you can browse projects by using the Ctrl + O shortcut.

    The subsequent dialog displays all available workspaces. Tosca Commander workspaces have the following file extension: .tws.

Open workspaces

  1. Select a workspace from the list and click Open.

    If Tosca Commander is currently compacting the selected workspace, the Compacting dialog appears:

    • Click Yes to terminate compacting and work with the selected workspace.

    • Click No to continue compacting and select another workspace.

Compacting the workspace