Manage API connections

In the Connections tab of the API Connection Manager, you can add or remove connections, and edit connection details.

You can use these connections when sending your messages in Tricentis Tosca API Scan. For more information on how to do so, see chapter "Select an API connection".

Tosca Commander saves and displays your API connections in the Configurations section. For more information on how to assign configurations to objects in Tosca Commander, see chapter "Assign configurations".

Configurations folder

You can also add a connection from API Scan or from an API Module in Tosca Commander to the API Connection Manager. This allows you to save and manage connections that you created outside of the API Connection Manager.

Navigate the Connections tab

The Connections tab of the API Connection Manager consists of the following elements:

  • Ribbon menu

  • List of your connections

  • Edit section. This section is collapsed by default. To expand it, click the icon. For information on how to edit connections, see chapter "Edit API connections".

Connections section




Add a new connection.


Remove a connection.

Switch tab

Switch to the Environments tab.


Checkout one or more selected connection(s) in a multi-user workspace.

Checkout All

Checkout all connections in a multi-user workspace.