Steer Module Attributes

Module Attributes are created as described in chapter "Module Attributes overview".

To steer Module Attributes in API TestCases, modify the columns Value and ActionMode:

  • Value: Along with simple character strings and numerical data, you can also use dynamic expressions, click operations, special characters and control characters to specify values.

    For more information on working with TBox values, see chapter "Specify values".

  • ActionMode: ActionModes define how the respective Value is applied in the TestStep.

    For more information on working with ActionModes, see chapter "ActionModes".

In this example, the service should calculate the sum of two values and verify whether the calculation is correct.

To do so, add the following Module Attributes to the TestStep Add Request:

  • n1 with the value 5 and the ActionMode Insert

  • n2 with the value 9 and the ActionMode Insert

The TestStep Add Response contains the following Module Attribute:

  • Result with the value 14 and the ActionMode Verify to verify whether the result equals 14.

Steering Module Attributes

In the following chapters, you will find information on how to: