Report branding

Report branding allows customers to include their own company logo in reports generated by LiveCompare. If you have Administrator privileges, the Configuration - Report Branding screen allows you to upload company logos as image files, and to select the logo that will be used in newly generated ABAP, Email, Hierarchy, HTML, Object Differences, Table Set, Vault and View reports.

To select or upload a new report logo file, select the Administration/Configuration/Report Branding folder in the LiveCompare hierarchy. Alternatively, select the Administration/Configuration folder and click Report Branding in the Details pane. The following screen is displayed.

Configuration- Report Branding screen.

Select a report image

The logo image that will be used for all newly generated reports is shown in the screen’s Value column. The image will be displayed in each new report’s header on the left-hand side. The default report image included with LiveCompare displays the text ‘Your Logo Here’.

To choose the default image, or one that has been uploaded, select it from the screen’s list box. The image will be shown in the screen’s Value column, and included in any newly generated reports.

Upload a report image

To upload a new report image, click Choose File, browse for an image file in one of the specified formats, and click ‘Open’. The image is displayed to the right of the Choose File button.

Configuration- Report Branding screen.

LiveCompare does not resize or scale the image at all; it is shown as it will appear in newly generated reports. As a guideline, the ‘Your Logo Here’ image has a size of 315 x 58 pixels. Click ‘Upload’ to allow the new image to be selected from the list box.

Configuration- Report Branding screen.

Select a report image to use and click ‘Save’ save to save your changes, or click ‘Back’ to display the top-level Configuration screen.

Image location

Images displayed in the list box are stored in the <LiveCompare user data dir>\public\images\reports directory. If a report image is no longer needed, it may be removed from the list box by carrying out the following steps.

  1. In the Configuration - Report Branding screen, make sure that the image to be deleted is not selected as the current report image.
  2. Delete the image file from the <LiveCompare user data dir>\public\images\reports directory.

Note that a deleted report image will still be available in any existing reports where the image was used.


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