Key Features Version 14.2 LTS

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS.

This chapter gives you an overview of our Tosca Version 14.2 LTS key features. For a detailed list of all new features, please download the Technical Release Notes from the Tricentis Support Portal.

For information on Short-Term Support (STS) and Long-Term Support (LTS) releases, see this Tricentis Knowledge Base article.

API Engine 3.0

With our newest version of Tricentis Tosca, API Engine 3.0 now supports signing SOAP messages with attachments.


Engines 3.0

Tosca 14.2 LTS offers exciting new features for Engines 3.0:

Excel Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, you can use the Excel Engine 3.0 to compare the cell contents, cell formatting, and objects of two Excel files.


Excel UI Engine 3.0

With our newest version of Tricentis Tosca, you can scan and steer ActiveX controls with the Excel UI Engine 3.0.


Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliance

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, the communication between Tosca components and the license server uses FIPS-compliant encryption algorithms.


Improved Update all performance

Updating your workspace is now significantly faster.

Java Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS improves how you scan and steer Oracle EBS tables with the Java Engine 3.0:

  • You can now scan and steer AccessibleTableGrid tables from Oracle Forms R12 applications.

  • You can now scan and steer Oracle EBS dynamic tables with a scroll bar.


Log Viewer

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, Log Server is now Log Viewer. We have also added a new user interface and enhanced its functionality with - for instance - new log filters.


Mobile Engine 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, you can specify whether to scan/test a real iOS device or a simulator. For detailed information, see the following chapters:

Furthermore, Tricentis has deprecated control identification by the XPath property.


PuTTY Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS introduces the PuTTY Engine 3.0, which allows you to scan and test PuTTY terminal-based applications. You can use it to start a remote session, transfer files, send commands, and read data from your terminal application.


Salesforce Engine 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, you can create your Salesforce Modules in one language and use them to test your Salesforce application in another language.

If you want to do so with Modules that you created with a previous Tricentis Tosca version, you have to rescan these Modules.


SAP Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS supports SAPGUI version 7.7.

SAP Web Extension 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, we support SAP Business Client version 7.7 and SAPUI5 version 1.87.

Furthermore, you can now see only SAP Fiori-specific controls in the default level of the Filtered items in XScan.


With this version, we also support a new combo box type in SAP SuccessFactors. You can steer it as a standard combo box control.


With Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, Selenium TestCases now also support JUnit 5.


Standard subset enhancements

The Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS Standard subset has new Modules and extended the functionality of existing Modules:

  • Identify and select Win32 context menus with the new TBox Context Menu Module.

  • Create and verify the existence of folders with the new TBox Create Folder and TBox Folder Existence Modules.

  • Move and rename files with the new TBox Move/Rename File Module.

  • You can now use wildcards with the TBox File Existence and TBox Delete Buffer Modules.

  • You can now save the result of a file comparison to a specified file with the Module TBox File Compare.

  • You can now add a byte order mark (BOM) to files you create with the Module TBox Read/Create File.

  • You can now validate a JSON file against a JSON schema file with the Module JSON Schema Validation.


Tosca Commander uses new ODP.NET version

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, Tosca Commander uses ODP.NET version Additionally, we've extended our documentation on how to prepare the Oracle client for common repositories.


Tosca Data Integrity

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, you can extend Tosca Data Integrity to read data sources that are not supported out-of the-box. You can write a custom implementation and integrate it into Tosca Data Integrity to perform row-by-row comparisons or to load data into the caching database. The newly added support for COBOL copybook files and EBCDIC encoded data files also makes use of this extension functionality. For ease of use, we provide a code sample that you can use as a template for your own custom implementation.


Tosca Distributed Execution with Automation Object Service

Our newest version of Tosca Distributed Execution with Automation Object Service (AOS) is easier to set up and gives you greater control over your AOS workspaces:

  • You no longer have to create results folders for your TestEvents. Tricentis Tosca now writes results directly to ExecutionLists.

    For more information, see our upgrade manual.

  • Our new AOS REST API allows you to perform important AOS workspace tasks. For instance, you can now compact or close AOS workspaces via REST API.

    For more information, see the AOS setup chapters (HTTP setup chapter or HTTPS setup chapter).

Tosca Rescan

As of Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, you can easily update control properties when you rescan an application or map controls in Tosca Rescan. Tosca Rescan enables you to compare control properties and update them according to your needs.


Tricentis Service Configuration

As of this version of Tricentis Tosca, you can configure the Tosca License Administration via the Tricentis Service Configuration.


Vision AI

Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS fully supports the scanning of Citrix and Java windows.

Furthermore, you can now use regular expressions and XBuffer expressions in your Vision AI TestSteps.

XBrowser Engine 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, you can disable the injection of the AjaxTracer and ShadowDomUnlocker for webpages in the Settings dialog of Tosca Commander.

Additionally, the setting Ajax tracer injection delay allows you to specify how long Tosca delays the injection of the AjaxTraxer into a webpage.


Deprecation of Classic Engines and TDM Studio

Tricentis announces the deprecation of the following products:

Upgrade to Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS

For detailed information on how to upgrade from Tricentis Tosca 14.1 STS to Tricentis Tosca 14.2 LTS, see chapter "Upgrade from version 14.1 STS to 14.2 LTS".

Known issues

HOST Engine 3.0: BlueZone emulator table scrolling is unstable

When you steer a table in a BlueZone emulator with HOST Engine 3.0 , row verification fails.

API Engine 3.0: Decimal numbers are displayed as integers in technical view

When you insert decimal values (for example, 1.20 and 8.9) in API Scan, they are displayed as integers (for example, 120 and 89) in the Technical View tab. This doesn't affect the actual message sent.

API Engine 3.0: Value of dynamic lists is not expressed correctly

In API Engine 3.0, a display issue occurs with values in dynamic lists in the Technical View tab. This doesn't affect the actual message sent.