Tricentis Analytics version 1.3.1 is compatible with qTest version 9.7 and Tosca version 12.3.

Getting Started with Tricentis Analytics

This is a high-level overview for the information you will need to know and collect, prior to beginning installation of Tricentis Analytics Version 1.3.1.Read these topics carefully to ensure your organization is prepared in advance.

Hardware Requirements and Supported Systems

Review the Hardware Requirements to understand the size and number of Windows servers needed based on the amount of data you are reporting on.

  • Data Volume Query is available for qTest customers to query your Postgres database and provides the data volume that you are preparing to report against.

  • Data Volume Sizing Guide helps you determine the size and number of Windows Servers you need for your data volume.

Installation Prerequisites and Ports

The Installation Prerequisites provide detailed information of the prerequisite applications, databases, and ports that are required prior to installing Tricentis Analytics.

Additionally, you should read the following topics:

  • Prepare MSSQL : instructions for how to prepare the Tricentis Analytics Reporting database with MSSQL, and create the user for the Tricentis Analytics connection.

  • Final Preparation for Installation : additional information for settings that must be applied prior to running the installation file, and instructions for customers using a Windows Server via Remote Desktop Connection.

Currently Tricentis Analytics is available for a Windows Operating System. If your organization is using a Linux or Docker Operating System, you need to install a Windows Server VMon to those machines, in order to use Tricentis Analytics.

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