Get started with Tricentis Mobile Agent

Welcome to Tricentis Mobile Agent! Tricentis Mobile Agent simplifies the setup and configuration of iOS and Android connectivity, and it enables a smoother mobile testing experience in Tricentis Tosca and Testim. With Tricentis Mobile Agent, you don't have to worry about installing Appium and Java components, or configuring environmental variables. Connect your devices faster and start testing sooner.

Get to know Tricentis Mobile Agent

If you are new to Tricentis Mobile Agent, take a moment to review the basics:

Connect and configure your devices

To set up Tricentis Mobile Agent, follow these steps:

  1. Install and start Tricentis Mobile Agent on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

  2. Connect and configure your devices to use Tricentis Mobile Agent.

Create and run your tests

Tricentis Mobile Agent supports parallel execution for Android and iOS devices.

Create and run your Tosca tests

You create and run your mobile tests with the Tricentis Tosca Mobile Engine 3.0, which is part of the Tosca standard installation. For information on the Mobile Engine 3.0, see the Tricentis Tosca documentation.

Tricentis Mobile Agent is compatible with Tosca 16.0 or later.

Create and run your Testim tests

You can create and run your mobile tests with Testim. Additionally, you can perform the following actions related to Tricentis Mobile Agent in the Testim user interface:

  • You can download the latest version of Tricentis Mobile Agent.

  • You can view the list of connected physical and virtual devices and their connection.

For information on Testim, see the Testim documentation.