About Tricentis Mobile Agent

Tricentis Mobile Agent is a centralized service that manages mobile connections to run Tricentis Tosca and Testim tests on your mobile devices. You can run Tricentis Mobile Agent on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, Android and iOS devices, and virtual devices, including emulators or simulators. This simplifies the setup and configuration of your devices and lets you start testing sooner.

We aim to always support the latest mobile operating system versions. For a complete, validated list of supported operating systems and versions, check out the system requirements.

Test a variety of applications

Tricentis Mobile Agent lets you test a variety of applications, whether on a real device or a virtual device:

  • Native applications created specifically for iOS or Android devices. These applications make use of the built-in features of a mobile operating system, such as camera, device storage, and device settings.

  • Web applications which you can access from any mobile device. These applications rely on a native browser for execution, such as Chrome or Safari.

  • Hybrid applications which are a combination of native and web applications.

Connect flexibly

Tricentis Mobile Agent lets you test your mobile applications and environments regardless of their location. You can also connect your iOS devices to Windows machines.

Tricentis Mobile Agent supports the following connection types:

  • Direct connection, where you connect your device to your machine with a USB cable.

  • Remote connection, where you connect to an emulator, a simulator, or even a remote device. Tricentis Mobile Agent starts by default on your local computer. However, you can also establish remote connections and initiate Tricentis Mobile Agent via the Command-Line Interface (CLI).

What's next

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