Interactive Testing overview

This chapter explains the concept of Interactive testing in Tricentis Tosca.

About interactive testing

Interactive testing, also known as manual testing, allows test managers to set up and distribute manual TestCases for testers who are non-Tosca users and to collect test results from external tests.

Test managers can invite external manual testers who do not use Tosca to join interactive tests through a standalone application. Non-Tosca user testers can check the received TestCases, record the results and send them back to test managers to Tosca Commander.

Interactive Testing Agent

Install the standalone application of Interactive Testing Agent to distribute manual TestCases and synchronize with Tosca Commander via a web interface. The Interactive Testing Agent enables testers to participate in interactive sessions without having to install Tosca Commander on their machines.

Big picture

The interactive test manager is responsible for setting up interactive test sessions in Tosca Commander and assigning interactive testers to these sessions. The test manager can also assign tasks to Tosca user and non-Tosca user testers, see chapter "Create session" and chapter "Add testers to a session".

Testers can perform their tests either in standalone mode via the Interactive Testing Agent, see chapter "Perform standalone testing".

The results of the session and the interactive tests are collected in Tosca Commander. Interactive test manager can synchronize test results and analyze consolidated test results to enable fixes for a quality product.