How to use LiveCompare

To start the LiveCompare application, carry out the following steps:

  1. Access the LiveCompare URL from a web browser which has network access to the server machine. If LiveCompare was installed using the default settings, the URL will be http://<server name>/LiveCompare. The LiveCompare logon screen is shown.
  2. Log in to LiveCompare as follows:
  • If you have a native LiveCompare account, enter the username and password provided by your LiveCompare administrator, and click ‘Login’.
  • if your account has been imported from an LDAP server, enter your LDAP username and password, and click ‘Login’.
  1. If required, agree to the terms of the Tricentis Privacy Policy.

Forgot your password?

Reset the admin account password

Note: LiveCompare usernames are case-insensitive, however LiveCompare passwords are case-sensitive. If you have a native LiveCompare user account, your account will be locked after three consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. If this happens, ask your LiveCompare administrator to unlock it.

Note: If your previous LiveCompare session has closed, the LiveCompare logon screen displays an appropriate message. Enter your username and password to log in to LiveCompare again.

Note: LiveCompare may be configured to run in a single sign-on environment. Please contact Tricentis Technical support for details.

The functionality of LiveCompare varies depending upon your user role; either Consumer, Editor or Administrator.

LiveCompare Consumers

If you log in as a user with LiveCompare Consumer privileges, the LiveCompare Dashboard is displayed. This screen provides an overview of the impact analysis results generated by LiveCompare, and includes links to the reports generated by the apps user interface.

It also provides access to the Apps screen, which displays the apps to which you have access, allowing you to run them, monitor their execution, and view their results.

LiveCompare Editors and Administrators

If you log in to LiveCompare as an Editor or Administrator, the main LiveCompare screen is displayed. This screen has the following components:


The LiveCompare toolbar features the following icons:

Icon / Text Description
logoff Logs off from your current LiveCompare session. The logon screen displays the message ‘You have signed out.’.
Hide/Show tool button. Hides or shows the LiveCompare hierarchy.
Quick Compare Wizard tool button. Starts the Quick Compare Wizard.
Help tool button. Displays the LiveCompare online help.
Search tool button. Displays the Search screen, which allows workspaces, libraries and templates to be searched for the specified text.
Apps tool button. Displays the Guided Configuration screen for LiveCompare Administrators, or the LiveCompare Dashboard for LiveCompare Editors.
About tool button. Displays LiveCompare version and copyright information.

LiveCompare hierarchy

The LiveCompare hierarchy is shown in the left-hand pane of the main screen. This hierarchy has the following folders:

Administration icon. Administration

The Administration folder allows users with LiveCompare Administrator privileges to maintain the Users, Import Specifications, Resource Groups, RFC Destinations, Test Repositories and Pipelines available in LiveCompare. This folder also allows users to change their password and set their User preferences.

Process Runs icon. Process Runs

Select this folder to display the Process Runs screen, which allows workflows to be monitored, run or scheduled for execution.

App Store icon. App Store

The App Store folder lists the workflows that have been registered as apps.

App Results icon. App Store/App Results

The App Results screen lists the results that have been generated for each of the registered apps.

Apps Monitor icon. App Store/Apps Monitor

Select a subfolder to list the apps that are currently running, the apps that have run recently, or the apps that have failed.

Folder icon. Data/Masked Fields

This folder is used by data masking, however it does not display anything for the user.

External Data Sources icon. Data/External Data Sources

This folder lists the External Data Sources defined in LiveCompare.

Luxes icon. Data/Luxes

This folder lists the As-Is and To-Be LUXes that have been uploaded to LiveCompare server.

Vaults icon. Data/Vaults

This folder lists the Vaults defined in LiveCompare.

Folder icon. Data/Report Templates

Select a subfolder to display the Access, Excel, or PowerPoint report templates that have been uploaded to the LiveCompare server, or to upload new report templates.

Web Services icon. Data/Web Services

Select the Web Services folder to display a screen listing the workflows that have been registered as Web Services.

Folder icon. Data/API Tokens

Select the API Tokens folder to list the API tokens that have been created for External Data Source REST APIs and Web Services by a LiveCompare Administrator. This folder is shown for users with Administrator privileges.

Folder icon. Data/Templates

This folder stores the workflow templates installed with LiveCompare. Workflows in this folder may not be modified.

Folder icon. Data/Templates/Shared Templates

This folder stores the shared workflow templates installed with LiveCompare. Shared workflow templates may be called directly from this folder by the Run Workflow action.

Folder icon. Data/Workflow Library

Select the Workflow Library folder to display workflows that have been exported to the LiveCompare server as XML files. Workflows in this folder may not be modified.

Folder icon. Data/Workflow Library/Shared Workflows

This folder stores shared workflows that have been copied from the LiveCompare hierarchy using drag and drop. Shared workflow templates may be called directly from this folder by the Run Workflow action. Workflows in this folder may not be modified.

Folder icon. Workspaces

This folder stores the workspaces available in LiveCompare. If LiveCompare is resource group-controlled, only workflows from the current resource group are shown.

Use the Expand hierarchy icon. or Collapse hierarchy icon. icons to expand or collapse branches of the hierarchy. Each hierarchy object has a context menu which lists the actions that are available for the item.

Details pane

The Details pane is shown on the right-hand side of the main screen. In general, it displays details for the currently selected component in the LiveCompare hierarchy. For example, if a User is selected in the hierarchy, the Details pane shows the user profile for the selected user. If a Workflow object is selected, the Details pane shows the associated workflow diagram.

Logged in User

The top right-hand corner of the main LiveCompare screen shows the user that is currently logged in to LiveCompare from your web browser. If the user is a member of one or more resource groups, a list box is displayed showing the currently selected resource group.

Administration tasks

Workflow tasks

App tasks