Get started with mobile test automation

How you prepare and execute Mobile Engine 3.0 TestCases depends on the type of device, mobile operating system, connection, and application you want to test.

This chapter describes a basic workflow for preparing and executing TestCases on iOS and Android devices, emulators, or simulators:

  1. Prepare your device and application:

  2. Scan your mobile application(s).

  3. Configure your tests by creating test configuration parameters to establish a connection with a device, emulator, or simulator.

  4. Optional: Set Desired Capabilities if you need specific parameters when you connect to the Appium server.

  5. Open the mobile application you want to steer:

  6. Create TestSteps.

  7. Specify XTestStepValues for the mobile controls you want to steer or use the following Modules from the Standard subset:

  8. Optional: If you use online clouds for test automation, increase the value for the Remote server response timeout setting at Settings->TBox->Engines to avoid timeouts.

  1. Run your TestCases or run ExecutionLists on multiple devices in parallel.

During the test execution on Android devices, the invisible Appium keyboard is enabled. Your default keyboard is automatically restored after your tests are completed. If your tests failed, you may need to manually change your keyboard back to the default keyboard in your device settings.

Tosca Mobile Assistant

The Tosca Mobile Assistant is a background component which runs together with the Appium Server. It is installed automatically in the following ways:

Start or stop the Tosca Mobile Assistant

The Tosca Mobile Assistant starts automatically when you start the Appium Server.

To stop the Tosca Mobile Assistant, close the Appium Server through the Appium console or via command line.

Configure the proxy server

If you use a proxy server and want to execute your test on a remote or cloud device, you have to modify the file %TBOX_HOME%/Tricentis.Automation.Mobile30Server.exe.config. If you have installed Tricentis Tosca in the default directory, you need local administrator rights to edit this file.

In Tricentis.Automation.Mobile30Server.exe.config, add the following code before the closing </runtime> tag.

        <proxy usesystemdefault="false" proxyaddress="http://your-proxy-server-address:port" />

Replace http://your-proxy-server-address:port with the address of your proxy server.